Usually the word diet is associated with losing weight.  However, always this need not be the case.  Diet    can refer to a healthy way of eating.     So a healthy way of eating food or in short a healthy diet will not only help in losing weight but will also help in maintaining good health.  

There are many benefits of maintaining a healthy diet.    Some of the benefits include

  1. Losing excess weight
  2. Improving mood and reducing risk of disease
  3. Increase in energy levels

However, despite all the good benefits it is difficult to start and also maintain a healthy diet.  So it is beneficial to discuss not only how to go on a diet but also what prior arrangements preparations need to be done and so on? 

In order to go on a diet, it is important to firstly follow the following steps:

  1.  Have realistic goals:   It’s very important to set realistic goals on what you plan to achieve by your diet.  If its weight loss, then do not put a high target.  Because if the results seem unachievable then there is a chance of getting discouraged and giving up the diet plan within a few days.
  2. Real motivation or reasons for diet:   It’s always better to make a list of reasons or the motivation for going on a diet.  So it becomes helpful to look at the list during times of discouragement and get back on track
  3. Remove unhealthy foods from sight:  Unhealthy foods as per the diet list would be removed from sight.  This will helping in keeping the resolve strong.
  4. Monitor progress:   When progress is tracked, it provides motivation   and helps in sticking to the diet.
  5. Have a partner:   Two are better than one. So when one wants to give up, the other one will surely encourage thus increasing the chances of  sticking to the diet plan

Once all these preparations are done, then the actual diet process starts.  So to go on and stay on a diet, the first thing to do is:

  1. High protein Morning start:  This means have a breakfast filled with adequate proteins so that the blood sugar levels are maintained and also the stomach remains full.
  2. Have healthy snacks handy:   Keep some portable snacks handy so that when hunger pangs arise, instead of snacking on junk food healthy snacks are ready such as almonds, peanuts etc.
  3. No holidays during diet:  Sometimes, if unhealthy food is eaten once during the day do not give up as all is not lost.  Try to balance it out by still sticking to the diet and stock up on protein.
  4. Exercise:   Studies show that diet and physical exercise go hand in hand.  The expected results are achieved faster when both are combined.
  5. Eating out:  Plan prior to eating out in a restaurant wherein there are choices for healthy eating on the menu. The key is proper research on the menu available and being determined.

So plan and prepare well the ground work before going on diet.  Take time to do research and plan accordingly.  Once the groundwork is done, start the diet and stick to it.


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